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Some parents will be entitled to claim an additional 15 hours free childcare per week term time only (570 hours per year) free childcare. You and any partner must each expect to earn (on average) at least £131 per week (equal to 16 hours at the National Minimum or Living Wage). If you or your partner are on maternity, paternity or adoption leave, or you’re unable to work because you are disabled or have caring responsibilities, you could still be eligible.

You must provide us with your 11 digit eligibility code which we will then verify before your child is able to start. You will also be required to sign the parent contract and provide your child’s birth certificate before your child’s start date. You will be able to claim the additional 15 hours free childcare from the term after your child turns 3 years old. You will be notified by HMRC every 3 months that you have to reconfirm you eligibility.

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