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We are committed to working in partnership with parents and outside agencies to support children’s individual needs to enable them to reach their full potential and to access every learning opportunity and experience. We will make every effort to make reasonable adjustments for any child who joins us who has a specific need or disability.

We will find out as much information about a child’s individual requirements and the way their learning needs are to be addressed by us. We will read any reports that have been prepared, attend any relevant meetings or training and regularly review the child’s development and learning and views of the parent. Inclusion funding may be provided by the London Borough of Bromley to provide for achievable adaptations to be made, extra resources or training or support workers.

If we believe a child requires extra support in an area of their learning our first step is to meet with parents to discuss strategies to assist with future planning of activities and the environment for the child. We understand that a parent knows their child best and we respect and acknowledge their views and knowledge and work in partnership to achieve the best possible outcome. If we feel additional support is needed we will refer a child to the relevant outside agency. This is only done with parental consent.

Staff are kept up to date with relevant policies, procedures and laws. Staff attend regular training and are able to access resources to assist them in their planning of a child’s learning journey.

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