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On admission to the pre-school, every child is given an allocated key person. This key person builds up a relationship with the child and family enabling them to have a secure base from which to explore and learn. The key person is the point of contact for the parents and is responsible for supporting the development and responding to the individual needs of the child. All staff is encouraged to build up positive relationships with every child and their family in the instance where a child’s key person is not available. If a child’s key person is away from the other staff in the room are responsible for maintaining the care and development of the child.

Upon settling in the key person will share and gather information with parents relating to the individual child enabling them to have a full and accurate picture and understanding of the child’s development and interests supporting a smooth transition into pre-school life. A child’s key person ensures the happiness, welfare, and safety of the child ensuring they feel confident to reach their full potential.

The key person is responsible for a group of children but also all of the children in the room. The key person is responsible for carrying out the child’s observations, planning, and next steps as well as their daily care routine. They ensure parents and carers are kept up to date and any discussions are carried out in regards to possible developmental concerns, toilet training, and behavior. The key person takes time to listen to parents feedback and answer any questions.

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