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My son was the first child to enter the doors of Lottie's preschool on their opening day at just 2 years old. He goes 3 days a week and absolutely has loved every minute. He's made so many good relationships with other children close friendships that will carry on when he moves onto primary school also close bonds with his teachers they are fun, kind, helpful and enthusiastic about the job that they do making it so easy to get along and talk to and my son adores each and every one of them. Iv never had any complaints regarding my son attending if any issues occur they are dealt with very quickly & efficiently. They eat well and a wide variety of fruit & snacks offered throughout the session.

The routine at Lotties is great all the children who attend know exactly what happens as the times they need to and all join in the routine and find it most enjoyable. My son is now nearly 4 and he has grown so much a little more every day that he attends. Conversation is amazing and is able to tell me everything that he's done in his time at preschool and he is always happy and positive when talking about it.

I am so glad that I chose to send my son to Lottie's preschool and wouldn't have chosen anywhere else for him to progress really happy overall they have been very accommodating throughout the years, understanding, professional and a great team that work together so well and my son will be very sad to leave to go to big school as he has become part of the furniture.

Very highly recommended preschool and I will continue to recommend and praise for a long time to come.

Well done to all the staff and thank you 🙂

My daughter absolutely loved being at Lottie’s! From the friendly and caring staff to the focus on developing all areas of learning, Lottie’s offered the perfect beginning for my daughter’s learning journey. At Lottie’s she said her first words of French, learned her first letters and sounds and was first introduced to javelin through Sports for Tots. Safety, care and communication were part of the professional approach at Lottie’s and I would recommend Lottie’s without reservation to any parent who is looking for an outstanding nursery.

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